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Realm Rank 9
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Who is that lone person way up there....

Oh look! It's Meebles! The rest of us were floor tanking while she got us the win.

Meebles ao Why are you guys all asleep, don't you want to kill this dog monster with me?

Good Night Gul'dan!

Rosa ao posted Mar 30, 17

His heroic self has been put in his place ;) WE KILLED HIM YAY!!!!!

Mes ao i dpsed the floor for 75% of this first kill
Ogion a Awesome, great job! :)

Meebles ao You should submit this to the BlizzardWatch daily screenshot thing.

As Yam pointed out... I'm slacking in my picture posting :P

Star Auger Etraeus - March 9, 2017

High Botanist Tel'arn - March 14, 2017

Elisande - March 16, 2017

Tichondrius (Heroic) is Dead!

Rosa ao posted Feb 24, 17

Great way to end the week!

Spellblade Aluriel



Meebles ao posted Feb 15, 17

Thanks to all our raiders last night, we full cleared normal and had 15 by the end of the night.

Dark Legacy Comics #571

Rosa ao posted Feb 5, 17

It's a good one this week ;) Clicky Here

Meebles ao That was pretty good. The one before that reminded me of what happened to Kitari earlier in the week.

Busy week! Killed Gul'dan on normal and killed 3 new bosses on Heroic! 

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