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We are Discord bound!

Rosa ao posted Dec 1, 17

We have officially switched over to Discord for all things. While I am sure we will still use these forums from time to time, Discord is definitely the easiest place to catch us :) Check out the guild info tab in game for our Discord channel! 

Heroic Kil'jaeden is dead!!!!

Rosa ao posted Sep 8, 17


ToS - Heroic Maiden kill

Meebles ao posted Jul 28, 17

Good job on colors.

Tomb of Sarg week 3

Meebles ao posted Jul 6, 17

We killed a few new bosses tonight.

Mistress Sassz'ine

Desolate Host

It was a photo finish.

Great job everyone!

Tomb of Sargeras First Week!

Rosa ao posted Jun 25, 17

So we had a great first week! Cleared it on normal and first two bosses down on Heroic! 



Demonic Inquisition




Sisters of the Moon


Mistress Sassz'ine


The Desolate Host


Maiden of Vigalence (oops, forgot to take a pic)


Fallen Avatar




New look to the world


Heroic Goroth


Heroic Harjatan

June 13th brings patch 7.2.5!

Rosa ao posted Jun 10, 17

Official Patch notes can be found here

Oooooh patches! Have your computers open ready to download so when you come home you don't need to wait :) Click the link above to go see all the changes to your classes. 

The biggest thing to come is Timewalking: The Black Temple. You'll be scaled back to level 70 (and ilvl 141!) and get to enjoy the adventures through the old raid. 

There are new events: a fashion contest, celebrating all things moonkin, dancing at the auction house and my personal fav the in game version of the gnome run that I do every year :) There is a new pet battle dungeon too AND a new band at the Darkmoon Faire that you can compete against for goodies. 

Running of the Trolls 2017!

Rosa ao posted Jun 4, 17

Click the image to go to the information page and the spot for donations :) 

This is being held for the 3rd year! Woohoo! I participate in this one as well as the Running of the Gnomes in the fall. Feel free to join me Saturday at 9pm to run :) It is recommended to show up at least 30 minutes early as it does get a bit chaotic. Sign-up on the calendar or find me on Feathermoon - US as Rosalitta. 


Rosa ao posted Jun 1, 17

What the title says :) Quick clear next week for AP on Tuesday and hopefully nothing Thursday like the trend has been. Hopefully Mes is back with us too sometime soon and his work stops being silly AND Meebs is back to working nights for a few weeks too. Don't these work places know the work day ends at 5pm and the world shuts down at that point? 


Tomb of Sargeras - June 20th

Meebles ao posted May 31, 17

The new raid will finally be out. 

Raid Preview & Schedule: Tomb of Sargeras

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